Meet Nick Marcarelli: The New Host of Application Modernization


In this special episode, we introduce Nick Marcarelli, Vice President at Shadow-Soft, LLC, as the new primary host of the show.

Nick shares:

  • Why he was passionate about continuing the show
  • Who he hopes to reach with the podcast
  • What topics the show will cover

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You are listening to application modernization, a show that spotlights the forward thinking leaders of higro software companies. From scaling applications and accelerating time to market to avoiding expensive license and costs, we discuss how you can innovate with new technology and forward thinking processes and save some cash in the process. Let's get into it. Hello and welcome back to application modernization. I'm Jordan. Now for the producer of the show. Today, I'm here to introduce you all to vp of shadowsoft and new primary host of the show, Nick Marcarelli. Nick, thanks for joining me. How's it going today? Going great today, excited to be here. Awesome, awesome. It's so great to have you here today. Nick. For those of you that mostly know you through work, what is something that you're passionate about that they may be surprised to learn about? There's a couple things that passionate about. I'm a big sports fan.

Really love the NBA and pro footballs, always rooting for Tom Brady or whatever team he's on these days, so that's always great. And I also really love cooking, so like having a bunch of people over and just making great meals and drinking great beer. And wine and having a good time with people. Yes, yes, well, to give our audience a bit more context, what you all didn't know is that Ross has moved on to a new and exciting role. Thankfully, Nick, you stepped in and volunteer distribute. It's great to have you here at the new primary host of the show. So, Nick, clearly you felt passionately about keeping this show alive and as a busy vp of Shadowsoft, why did you feel that it was so important to continue ongoing production of this show? Now, that's a great question and I think the important thing about this particular show is that it's telling the story of our customers. And you know, being in technology for so many years, the thing that we're always trying to get to is what drives our customers... make decisions, what's important to them. So I thought it was really interesting to have, you know, these leaders in the technology side of an organization come on and tell the story of why they're making certain investments, why they're focused on modernizing applications and how that affects their business. And I think we can all learn quite a bit from that. Awesome, awesome, and so will you still be focusing on that? Same target audience, then absolutely we want to continue to focus on companies that are driving innovation through modernizing applications, getting to their customers faster, building for speed and scale. Those are really the things that drive decisionmaking and it that eventually leads to a more profitable business for our customers. Awesome. And who do you expect to benefit from this experience? You know, anyone. In addition to your current loyal following, hopefully we will have people that consume the show and apply that to what they're doing day to day with their responsibilities, that their organization. We're really...

...trying to become a resource for what's leading in industry and how those stories and successes, or maybe even failures, you know, trying to do new things, can be a benefit to the greater industry. That is awesome. So, Nick, just as a refresher, what can listeners expect to hear when they listen to each episode? So our goal is to provide the listeners with great stories of projects from these immersion software companies that focus on speed, scale and savings, and those three things tend to be the driving force around decisionmaking for it in the business. So we will continue to focus on those items and highlight the different ways that these organizations achieve one or all those goals. So, Nick, how can listeners connect with you in case they have ideas for episode topics or guess that they would like for you to feature on the... You know, one way they could do that is they could go to our website at shadows offtcom and connect with us on our contact page and give us any ideas they might have for topics they'd love to hear or or people they think might be interesting to come on the podcast. You can also get to us on twitter and facebook and Instagram, all those things, all the social outlets. We're out there. Well. Well, nick, it has been amazing to have you here. I'm so excited to continue our partnership and to continue watching this show grow. I think there's so much that we can learn by looking at the world of it through the eyes of a VP. In closing, Nick, what is this single best piece of advice that you'd like to share with our audience today? You know, I'd like the audience to really take away that we're bringing these stories to them so that they can apply these stories to what they're doing every day and their organization and at times I think there's not enough content around the great successes of these organizations in the marketplace, and we want to give people a front see view into how...

...they can apply those stories towards the efforts that they're really trying to accomplish in their own organization. That is so wonderful. Well, this wraps it up for our new host introduction episode. Thank you so much for joining me today and to our audience, make sure that you come back and tune into many more episodes of application modernization. Application modernization is sponsored by Red Hat, the world's leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including high performing Linux, cloud, container and Coupernetti's technologies. Thanks for listening to application modernization, a podcast for high growth software companies. Don't forget to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player so you never miss an episode, and if you use apple podcasts, do us a favor and leave a quick rating by tapping the stars. Join US on the next episode to learn more about modernizing your infrastructure and...

...applications for growth. Until next time,.

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