Learning From Successful High-Growth Software Companies


All software companies have a similar story. They want to grow, but they run into the same challenges.

In this episode, host Ross Beard, Vice President at Shadow-Soft, discusses how the podcast will tap into the collective knowledge of successful high-growth software companies who have been there, done that so that you can learn how to navigate those challenges, too.

Topics from the episode:

- Why Shadow-Soft wanted to start a podcast

- The 3 challenges companies face when wanting to modernize their infrastructure and applications

- What will set this show apart

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You are listening to applicationmodernization, a show that spotlights the forward thinking, leaders of highgrowth software companies from scaling applications and accelerating time tomarket to avoiding expensive license, ind costs. we discuss how you caninnovate with new technology and forward thinking processes and savesome cash on the process. Let's get into it hello and welcome to the introductoryepisode of application modernization. My name is Jordan Alfrerd and I'm oneof the producers of the show we're here today with Rosh Beard Vice President ofshadow soft Ross. Thank you so much for joining me. How's it going today, HeyJoda, it's going really well thanks for having me. Yes, we youare so happy tohave you here so to give everyone a bit more context today, Wi'll be talkingabout what you a listener can expect to hear from the PODCAST, but before wejump into that Ross, tell us a little bit about yourself and the work thatyou're doing at shadow, soft yeah, so sheut USOFT is a botique. It consultingfirm and what we really focus on is...

...helping our customers, modernize theirinfrastructure and their applications. My role at Shat usoft is to really seekto understand our customers needs and then help them overcome theirchallenges along the way whil bringing together all of our experts andconsultants on our side awesome. So why did the team at Shadewsolf decide tostart this? PODCAST Yeh s? We've been working with a with many high growthsoftware companies over the last two o three four years, and what we found isthere's a very similar story that these companies follow. They are looking togrow and they're growing from ten customers to a hundred customers to athousand customers, and there are some common challenges that they run intoalong their growth journey. So we really wanted to start this podcast. Wecould tell their stories talk about...

...their challenges and talk about theirsuccesses so that other high growth software companies can learn somethingfrom people that have done it in the past yeah. So what are some of he? Thecommon challenges that you might have seen that sparked you guys Tho evenwant to you know, discuss some of their stories here. So there are really threekey challenges that a lot of high growth software companies run into.Firstly, they need to scale their applications to meet customer demands.What I mean by that is that you know you might have an infrastructurearchitect in a way that supports ten customers today, but as you grow to ahundred of customers or a thousand customers, decisions need to be made toenable that growth. So we really specialize in helping our customersnavigate those decisions and embrace new technologies like containerscrubinates in the cloud to enable the applications to scale. Secondly, these growing software companies needto be quick. They need to move fast and...

...they need speed to market. So what Imean by that is they have their customers asking them for new featuresand improvements, and they need to release those new features out to themarket quickly to combat competitors. So we work with them to embrace newprocesses and embrace new technologies to speed up software delivery, so theycan get their features out to the market quicker. And lastly, it's aboutcost saving so, as customers grow from ten to a hundred to to a thousand, you know, costs add up the cloudconsumption model. You know it can get expensive. So we work with ourcustomers to identify ways to architect their environment to identify costsavings. We also help them find ways to avoid expensive licensing costs really with the intent to drive downcost, so they can generate additional margin as theybring on new customers. I'm loving it.

I love it. So what can listeners expectto hear when they're listening to each episode, just to kind of reiterate thatyes you're going to hear a real story from a High Growth Software Company? Sowe're really try and peel back the onion to understand how they've grownover the years, a d and really some of the specific challenges that they raninto as they were modernizing and specifically modernizing theirapplication and infrastructure? Really. My goal here is to give you some keyideas that you can walk away with and implement yourself so that you canfollow in the footsteps of other successful high growth softwarecompanies. Absolutely so Ros tell me a little bit about how this show may bedifferent than any of your competitors. It's a it's a great question. I I thinkthe show is going to be about the guest right. It's going to be about tellingtheir story, and you know really understanding how they were able tonavigate their journey. So I 's not...

...going to be about us. Yes, we've playeda role in helping some of these customers, but it's going to be a lotabout how they've navigated the challenges and their advice to otherhigh growth companies. INM loving it love it allrighty. So how can listenersconnect with you in case? They have any ideas for the episode topics or guessthat you should feature on the show yeah visit our website at shadow dash,softcom podcast from this page. You can subscribe to the podcast. You cansuggest guests or give us some feedback awsome. Well that wraps it up for ourintroductory episode. Thank you so much for joining me today. Ross. I'm reallyexcited to see this show grow. So thank you to everyone. Listening in today.Make sure that you come back and tune into episode, one of application,modernization, application modernization is sponsoredby Red Hat, the world's leading provider of enterprise, open sourcesolutions, including high performing...

...linox cloud container and Cubrunetti'stechnologies. Thanks for listening to applicationmodernization, a podcast for high growt software companies, don't forget tosubscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player. So you never miss anepisode and if you use apple podcast, do us a fabor and leave a quick ratingby tapping. The stars join us on the next episode to learnmore about modernizing your infrastructure and applications forgrowth until next time.

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